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Welcome here dear traveler.

My Hitorie merch got shipped; UWU IDK when I'll have it because it has to take the planes from Japan to France first. But yay finally :D

Musique original: Hitorie (Composition: Yumao; Lyrics: Shinoda) Traduction Japonaise-Anglaise: Manju Traduction Anglaise-Française: Moi! (licence: CC-BY)

C'est une interprétation traduite du mieux possible de la traduction Anglaise de Manju (qui est déjà interprétée)! Ne considérais pas cette traduction comme exact!

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Waiting is... Horrible. Even more waiting for someone.


Alors, ouai, j'apprécie (quelque peu) cette langue, c'est ma langue maternelle après tous. Mais bordel quelle langue de merde (parfois, heureusement pas tous le temps)

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Writefreely need a comments section.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

And to have lost your time for this shit.


Or burn them, or kill them, guillotine them, idfk.

oh and distribute money back to everyone.

I have nothing else to say, thanks.

#shitpost (or not? x)

I hate myself, i get jealous for nothing-

Like, ugh, even when it's just friend, I can barely stand some thing-

Originally Written by Karl Marx Translated to UwU by u/DarthAlecto

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Gosh I Hate Being Ignored

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I slept well this night. Well, i guess?

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