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Welcome here dear traveler.

I participated in the Miku Expo online 2021, and it was nice as fuck :D The digital stars' DJ were super cool, I unfortunately missed the US's one, but yea, from what I heard it was great. And of course the main show was incredible, I spent some excellent moment with friends while watching it, and gosh that band! They were incredible!!!

Yes that all folks, I'm going to disappear again, see ya~

I switched to Void Linux recently, been like 2 weeks for now. And well it's great, it's pretty fast (Plasma take more time to load than the system itself lol), pretty stable tho (even if it's a continuous release distro, the maintainers test the packages before updating them, lol).

I just had problems with a few libs that weren't available (or like, not the devs one, etc). But yeah except that I have nothing bad to say against it, and at least it doesn't crash way too much often compared to my old Ubuntu.

Yes, been, IDK, a month?, that I haven't done any post here, and I just say that shit.

Oh, yeah I'm thinking about doing again from scratch my main page, maybe use thing something else for my blog (like my old HTML basics pages x). Also, maybe hosting something like a text board or image board (I have found for both found neat source code, because I'm lazy to write code, but so both have little to no docs, and the image board is not pretty, while the text board is, but so don't support image :^⁾).

Oh oh oh and and and I love you.

Thanks Rishie and everyone that participed on this. It's beautiful, I miss you Wowaka ;–;

Gay UwU

So... It's here, first Hitorie's album without Wowaka..

En savoir plus...

My first merch ever UwU

Hitorie jacket can batch



This is beautiful. I am crying so much. If only... If only... Ne Wowaka, mou ikai? 🥺😭 #Hitorie #Wowaka

My Hitorie merch got shipped; UWU IDK when I'll have it because it has to take the planes from Japan to France first. But yay finally :D

Musique original: Hitorie (Composition: Yumao; Lyrics: Shinoda) Traduction Japonaise-Anglaise: Manju Traduction Anglaise-Française: Moi! (licence: CC-BY)

C'est une interprétation traduite du mieux possible de la traduction Anglaise de Manju (qui est déjà interprétée)! Ne considérais pas cette traduction comme exact!

En savoir plus...

Waiting is... Horrible. Even more waiting for someone.