I love my good old 645CL, not the best Camera ig, but it's so fun, Polaroids are so fun. I bought myself some films recently, been like a fucking while I ran out of them, and gosh it's pricey, like really pricey. I wish I was owning like the factory or something, x)

But it doesn't matter, I really love Polaroids, I prefer that than “traditional” photographies (analogic or digital ones). There's a whole magic to it, mainly cuz everything could go wrong (not a good batch or expired, exposition of the film, roller that fuck up, some chemicals that have some specific properties in some specials scenarios mainly the temperature, etc) and so you never get the same results.

I also made something to try to do multiple exposure. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope that firstly it won't fuck up my camera, that it'll work, and that I'll be able to get some good photos with that.

Now please gib me money, so I can buy some films xD I'll scan some I like if I think about it, latter cuz rn I'm too lazy.