So... It's here, first Hitorie's album without Wowaka..

And well, it's very good! I like it :D But, idk, I have stranges feeling about it. It's Hitorie, it have it vibe. But, there'snt the Wowaka vibe, and for me, the main piece of Hitorie is Wowaka. Well that maybe because I am a Wowaka fan before a Hitorie one. But idk, it's not the same. And its even less genre I like. While I can love any Wowaka's songs even from genre i usually dont like. Here... yeah

But so I really like Tat and of course image! gosh image... ;;–;; dirty is good too,as is high gain. and Marshall A is great i think, i like the vybe of it (and huh idk the name of the others- x) ^–^ now... we wait for Manju's translation ahah :p

#Hitorie #REAMP